15 Real Estate Videos Every Agent Should Be Making & 3 Easy Tools To Use

Establishing a real estate business requires you to appeal to potential buyers, work around their needs, and do what you can to get them interested in real estate properties. However, getting involved in real estate video creation has challenges and concerns if you don’t have experience.

After all, should you bother making quality videos if you can utilize standard marketing efforts? While it may seem like you don’t need to use video marketing, it’s crucial to understand why real estate videos make a difference, especially in the current digital climate of real estate marketing.

While you should keep utilizing blog posts and other marketing efforts, consider your professional video options to see what helps and can make a difference.

The Importance of Real Estate Video

To show off your property listings and get more customers, you must understand the importance of real estate video creation. As you know the importance of videos and their benefits, you can utilize the service and understand how to use them to improve your company.

Showing Off Your Capabilities

Not only will you show off the properties you plan to sell, but you can show your credibility and strengths as a real estate company. People can see what you do well, allowing them to trust your business and turn to it when they need help with their real estate needs.

If you don’t show them what your business can do, they have no reason to work with it. They’ll go to one of your competitors instead, especially if they post videos about their properties, leaving you behind while impacting your business.

However, if you’re the only real estate company making videos, you can stand out and establish your business. You can also improve the quality to work past other companies who create videos, so see what you can accomplish.

Boosting Your Profits

You’ll naturally get more customers as your business demonstrates its impact on the real estate market. The more customers you get, the more money you’ll make, allowing you to expand your business and work with even more clients.

The more your real estate business grows, the more your agents can do. You can also hire more people to work with your business, allowing you to expand on the total profits and make the process worth it for you, the clients, and your employees.

While it may not seem like it should work since you must spend money to use the power of design, you’ll make more money than you spend. Ensure you track how much you spend, so you’ll get a feel for your return on investment and total value.

Expanding Your Digital Marketing Efforts

If you create videos regularly and social media videos for your business, more people will come across your real estate business. While you can reach more people through in-person marketing, you should use digital marketing to get more people.

Since future generations prefer finding information online, you must use digital marketing even if you work on local marketing efforts. While you’ll want to utilize eye-catching videos during your efforts, you should use other digital marketing ideas, such as a blog or images.

As you work on your digital marketing, you’ll get more offers for your listings, even though the process has a learning curve. Keep going through various ideas and apply them to your digital marketing to see what you can accomplish.

15 Real Estate Videos Every Agent Should Be Making

While you may understand the importance of videos for real estate companies, you may wonder what types you should create. Doing so can help you stay on top of the process while creating enough monthly videos to maintain your customers’ attention.

Property Tours

If you plan to make videos, you must start with property tours. As you create a property tour, you’ll want to remember multiple points to make it as efficient as possible.

  • Show every room
  • Take panoramic shots
  • Get a high-quality camera

You’ll want to show every room in the house so people know what to expect from the home. The same applies to panoramic shots since they demonstrate you have nothing to hide while you show off the house.

If you get a high-quality camera and record the property, more people will see and want to check it themselves, making digital property tours crucial for advertising.

Neighborhood/Community Videos

After you record some videos of your properties, you can show off the neighborhoods and communities in your area. If you decide to make such videos, you should understand what aspects work best for your situation.

  • Showing off the local homes
  • Incorporating an event or activity
  • Making it only a few minutes

Ultimately, neighborhood and community videos should show what the area offers, so people want to live there. Spend time planning when to record it, so you’ll get excellent shots and the correct lighting for the situation.

If you don’t know how to approach it, you can look up examples online to see what approach you should take with producing your neighborhood videos.


You can also create client testimonial videos, which involve having people share their experiences about your real estate company. For example, if someone had a good experience with a property for sale, you can ask them to share their experiences in an interview.

You can sit down together, ask them questions, and have them mention what they think of your company. If you can get multiple people who appreciate your efforts and how you helped them sell homes to prospective buyers, they can let others know about it.

Doing so encourages more people to work with your business since they see what you can do rather than accepting your word regarding your capabilities.

Market Updates

As you work with clients and utilize online video editors, you can create market updates. Market updates refer to videos where you share information about the area and review the changes, so people understand what to expect.

Such market updates can help you reach more people and show why they should work with your business. For example, if people don’t know whether to sell their homes, you can demonstrate the rise of home prices, allowing them to feel comfortable with the market.

Do your best to educate and share information about the local area, though you should update it regularly as you schedule content around it.

Virtual Tours

On top of property tours, you can utilize virtual tours to let people look at homes. Sure, videos allow people to see the house and property, but virtual tours have you present the home, talk about it, and show it to people.

Virtual tours help with profits and lessen the time on the market, and you’ll make it easier for people to see a house. They don’t have to go to the property, making it more convenient while out of state or facing illnesses.

You can either record them beforehand or offer live virtual tours, so see which works better for your market.

How-to Videos

Sometimes, people need help navigating the real estate market process and listing their homes. To create how-to videos, you should remember multiple steps to help you through the process.

  • Identify what you want to show
  • Create a simple script
  • Explain the process
  • Give people a CTA

Creating a how-to video comes down to presenting it simply so that anyone can understand it. You want plenty of visuals in the video to keep their attention and help them remember it.

Ensure you end it with a CTA, so people might work with your business.

Personal Introduction Videos

Working in real estate means building the community around you, so you must work with companies and help them reach more people. You can do so by having them create videos that introduce them to the area while discussing what they offer.

Not only does it draw attention to your local market, but you build relationships with others. As you build relationships with them and share their videos on your social media pages and channels, they can do the same with your real estate videos.

Doing so can help you reach the same audiences since people who watch the other businesses can learn about yours, so they’ll reach out when they need help with real estate.

Q&A Videos

People who need help with real estate will have questions and want to seek answers. Instead of searching online and hoping for the best, you can create question and answer (Q&A) videos to give people the information they need to get involved with the market.

As you think about Q&A videos, you should contact previous people or those interested in your business and have them give you questions. You should also consider questions you get asked often, so you’ll address everything necessary.

However, stick with a theme as you make Q&A videos so you don’t jump all over the place, but you’ll maintain a purpose.

Company/Office/You Culture Videos

You can also spend time creating videos where you show the culture of your business, other companies, and offices. Demonstrating your business culture to potential customers allows you to build trust with them since you humanize the business.

If you’re the only agent in your business, ensure you still talk about it and the importance of developing customer relationships. The same can work with any culture you apply to your business, such as customer-centric, servant leadership, etc.

Do your best to consider your culture, find a way to exemplify it, and make a video about it. Never force it since people will notice, so make it authentic and realistic.

Live Videos

Creating live videos involves going to an event to see what happens, highlight the community, and show what people can enjoy in the area. You can live stream and show people these extraordinary events, which can take place at multiple locations.

  • Churches
  • School games
  • Local park events

Ensure you contact these groups and ask them about upcoming events. You should then see if you can get permission to make a video about the event and share it with others. As you take the time to interact and show your support, more of the community will offer you business.

Event Videos

Not only should you make live videos, but you should also create event videos. Instead of interacting with people and getting live reactions, you plan the video with the organizers to record specific parts, get interviews, and get involved.

As you create a video, you should remember a few points.

  • Focus on the best moments
  • Get reactions and opinions
  • Make it positive and uplifting

Prioritizing those points will help you demonstrate what the community offers. If people know you have a good community, they have a reason to move to those neighborhoods, giving you more business as you make videos and spread positivity.

Listing Announcement Videos

Not only should you mention properties already on the market, but you can create listing announcement videos. These videos mention upcoming listings and give previews, so people know what to expect in the local real estate market.

On top of utilizing listing announcements, you can add community pages to add these new listings. In these videos, you should mention the pages and also show a bit of the house, so you’ll get people interested and find more potential buyers.

If you decide to make listing announcement videos or community pages, keep them updated to avoid customer irritation and problems.

Educational Videos

Some real estate agents will take time to create educational videos to inform people and share details online. For example, they may go over homeowner tips or how to maintain a house if they have that knowledge.

You don’t have to stick with real estate topics if you feel you can reach more audiences and people. You can talk about hikes, local foods, and other topics you feel can draw more people to your business.

While you can mention your business, don’t make it the video’s focus, but emphasize the educational aspect so people don’t feel like you just created an ad.

Holiday Greeting Videos

As the holiday seasons approach, people love it when businesses get involved and celebrate the occasions. You should look into making holiday greeting videos where you talk about the holidays, wish people happy greetings, and focus on celebrating.

Even though it may seem like a small detail, some people love and appreciate the holidays, making them build relationships with you. Ensure you look through the calendar year and prepare videos beforehand, so you can post them on the date of the holiday.

You should plan by having an automated tool upload the video if the holiday happens during the weekend, or you can schedule it depending on the platform.

3 Easy Tools for Real Estate Video Creation

Now that you understand the importance of videos, you should go through the best tools available to help you with video creation. Ensure you go through a Canva video review while also considering Invideo and Wave.video to help you create and edit content.


As you consider your options, you should look into an Invideo review. Invideo focuses on multiple features to make it an excellent option for any real estate company looking to make videos.

  • User-friendly design
  • Thousands of customizable templates
  • Incorporating your teams

If you want something easy to use that doesn’t require a ton of experience, you should go with Invideo. You just have to go through the templates, upload your videos, and add text or music to your videos based on what works for the design.

The service also gives you over 5,000 templates to choose from, making it easy to pick whichever one works best for your situation. You can even reuse whichever effects, stock images, and templates you like the most, increasing the quality of your videos.

Not only can you create videos for your real estate business, but you can add your team members. Doing so allows you to work together on videos, so you’ll finish them and give people permission to access the videos as needed.

Who Should Choose Invideo?

Invideo works well for those unfamiliar with editing and experts alike. It offers powerful tools and streamlines the process, allowing you to quickly make videos for your real estate business. The collaboration aspect also makes it ideal for teams.

It even supports over 70 languages, meaning you don’t have to worry if you don’t speak English, or you have people in your group who speak English as a second language.


While Invideo can meet your needs, you should also go through a Canva video review for more information. On top of letting you design videos, you have other features and benefits that make it a solid choice for anyone.

  • Post directly to social media
  • Create team folders
  • Templates, graphics, and custom animations

Canva allows you to edit your video and immediately post it on social media. Doing so removes a step since you won’t have to upload the file yourself, select everything, and ensure it displays correctly on your social media page.

You can also create team folders through the software, meaning you organize content. You can assign various videos to different folders based on the topics and other information, making it easier to keep track of everything and edit your videos when necessary.

Speaking of which, you can go through the various graphics and templates included with the system to make custom animations. You can then add comments and utilize the features included to make it look nice and professional.

Who Should Choose Canva?

Canva has a simple design overall, making it great for most real estate companies. Not only can you edit it, but you can utilize it to work alongside your employees and coworkers with the option to add notes as an easy way to share thoughts and details.

You have a free version you can use along with two other paid options to enjoy additional features.

Wave.video by Animatron

If you want an all-in-one solution to cover your various real estate video needs, you should try Wave.video. The platform offers multiple tools to help you with content creation.

  • Live stream content and edit videos
  • Create thumbnails
  • Utilize a stock library

Alongside creating videos, you can also stream content through Wave.video, allowing you to share properties live. Doing so can save you time and effort since you won’t have to find another program to help you with live streaming.

While you could use default images from your videos, such an approach won’t work as well as eye-catching thumbnails. Wave.video allows you to create your own thumbnails, allowing you to make something perfect for your videos.

You also have stock video, images, and sounds to use. Since you can go through and review the options available, you can see which ones work best for your video to make it as appealing and high-quality as possible.

Who Should Choose Wave.video?

If you don’t want to bother with other tools or focus on an all-in-one option, you can’t go wrong with Wave.video. Even though it can seem overwhelming for some users, others may appreciate all the available options and features.

You have various bundles and choices, so go through them and see what you prefer.

Key Takeaways

Real estate video remains an excellent choice for any agent looking to expand their options and reach more people. You should make 15 types of videos to reach more people and enjoy the benefits associated with real estate and gaining potential clients.

As you understand the importance of videos, you’ll want to use a robust video editor to cover your needs. Ensure you go through an Invideo review, Canva, and even Wave.video, so you’ll see which options can cover your real estate agent needs.

As you look into a Canva video review and the options available, you should incorporate video marketing into your business. Doing so will let you enjoy the benefits mentioned earlier, so you’ll create excellent video content while creating professional-looking videos.


While you should check an Invideo review and other information, you’ll ask some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding video creation software. Going through the details will help you tackle your real estate needs while creating stunning videos for your business.

Why should real estate agents use video?

Real estate agents have various benefits they’ll enjoy regarding video ads and similar approaches.

  • Spreading your brand
  • Drawing attention to specific homes
  • Establishing your credibility

As long as you keep utilizing it and find a video template, you’ll enjoy those benefits, making it ideal for your situation. You want more people to learn about your business while getting people to buy from your home, so do your best to use it as one of your design tools.

What are some of the best real estate video marketing tools?

To utilize the best video editor for your needs, you should go through Invideo, Canva, and Wave.video. While you can use other tools to make a real estate video, you should focus on these options since they offer the best tools.

You’ll want to compare their features and see what works best for your marketing tools to see  what your business should utilize. You should also consider Canva Pro based on your situation, though the other versions can meet your needs.

What do you talk about in a real estate video?

You have various subjects to tackle with real estate, but you want to always point it back to your business and how people can purchase homes. However, your videos must remain entertaining and informative, so people have a reason to watch them.

After all, if your videos don’t catch their attention and make people want to learn more about your business through video clips, you’ll lose their attention. For example, you can talk about the local market, offer advice, and do whatever you can to appeal to potential home buyers.

Why should you use real estate video marketing to showcase properties?

People can learn about your properties by posting pictures online, but they only get so much information out of it. Instead of hoping for people to see what your homes offer, you should add property showcases to your video library.

Videos not only show off your property, but also exemplify that you know how to present properties. People can trust your business and also see your willingness to share information with them, making potential buyers more likely to buy from your business.

Do real estate videos play an important role in selling a property?

Yes, a promotional video can make a difference in the selling process. Not only does it spread your brand to more people and let you show off properties, but some people may not know about what you’re selling until they come across your videos.

While they may not always play a role with every sale or person, you’ll get more eyes on the properties if you create videos. With that in mind, the effort and money that goes into the video creation process helps you establish your business and potentially gain more buyers.

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