How To Write a Real Estate Bio that will Win Your Clients Over (Sample Templates Included)

Whether you are just starting out and need to write a new real estate agent bio, or you just want to optimize your current one to grow your business, we’re here to show you how.

Writing may not be your strong suit, but a real estate bio is something every new and experienced agent needs. Your website bio serves as a way for your clients to get to know their agent. You may be fantastic at selling homes, but with your real estate agent bio your goal is to sell yourself.

Research shows that home buyers and sellers typically vet through 3-5 real estate agents before choosing one to work with. Just because you have gotten a potential client to your website doesn’t mean you have locked them down yet. It’s important to make sure you get your real estate bio right because it could mean the difference between gaining a loyal client and losing one to a local competitor.

We know, all of this sounds pretty intimidating. However, we’ve taken the stress out of writing your real estate bio and have compiled a how-to guide below.

In this article you will see tips on how to create a winning real estate agent bio and examples of some of our favorites. Stay until the end, and we’ll even give you a template to use for your own real estate bio. Easy peasy!

Purpose of a Real Estate Bio

There are a few major purposes that your real estate agent bio serves. In order to create a great bio for your website, it helps to know why you are creating one in the first place.

Tell your story

Your real estate bio is the place to make a good first impression. You want your bio to draw people in and let them know what you’re all about. Your bio is the perfect way to share the story of how you became interested in sales or why you have a passion for real estate in your city.

Too many agents make this part too high-level, but most home buyers/sellers want the details. They want to know what niche you focus on (people like them or another), have you been in real estate for 25+ years or recently entered the market after another career, what local community groups/organizations you’re part of and why. Give them the details they’re looking for and tell your story.

Making that connection with your current and potential clients will help them to feel like they are reaching out to a human, rather than just a name on their computer screen.

Connect with your audience

The beauty of a real estate bio is that it allows you to make a connection with your audience. Chances are likely that people looking for your services either want to know about your area or have a history with your area. Your bio allows you to share your love for your city so that your clients know that you already have something in common.

Your bio helps your potential clients get a small window into who you are and what it will be like to work with you on their buying/selling journey. Are you a cat person, focused on the research and the numbers, heavily involved with a local organization helping the homeless?

Let them know what you are passionate about and how that translates into your love for helping people find the home of their dreams.

Establish your credibility

This is a significant benefit of having a bio on your real estate website. Your bio is not only a place to share about yourself personally, but it’s a great place to outline some of your bigger accomplishments.

If you have been in the real estate industry for a while, mention some highlights of your real estate experience. Have you hit a milestone of transactions (e.g. 100 homes closed in the past __ years, $10M in homes sold, etc.) or have stats about your past transactions? Include them. This isn’t intended to show off, it’s intended to give you credibility.

If you’re a new agent, you can still use your bio to establish your credibility. Simply sharing your knowledge and experience in your city of expertise or sharing a related history in sales will ensure your clients that you are the agent for them. Some of the best bios I’ve seen came from new agents that were former school teachers, account managers for software companies, landscapers, etc. They found a clever way to use their previous experience to demonstrate their unique value to potential buyers.

Tips for Writing A Winning Real Estate Bio

Now that you’re fully convinced of the importance of your real estate bio, here are some tips to make sure your bio is top-notch.

Tips for writing a real estate agent bio

Use a quality headshot or photo

As far as first impressions go, a photo can make or break it on your website. If your potential clients see a grainy photo taken years ago on your Nokia phone of you in front of your grandma’s colorful and busy antique cabinet, it typically doesn’t bode well.

You don’t need a DSLR or anything fancy, just make sure you follow these 6 commandments of a professional headshot:

  • Dress to impress
  • Make sure your photo is well-lit
  • Make sure the quality of the photo is clear
  • Have a distraction-free background
  • Make sure no one else is in the photo, unless you work as a team with another agent and it is them in the photo with you.
  • Make sure the photo still represents YOU

Tip: If the best photo you have has a distracting background, there are free websites that will remove the background if you upload your photo, but with modern phones, it may be easier to simply plan for another picture.

Keep it short and sweet (and have options)

Remember, this isn’t an autobiography. It’s a condensed blurb about you and your real estate experience, so keep it short and concise. Internet users typically have quick attention spans, so cater to that audience and try to keep your website bio under 300 words.

While you are thinking through your real estate bio, come up with a version that is 140 characters or less. Have it saved in a place where you can easily copy and paste it for your social media channels. This shortened version will really allow you to think through the most important parts of your bio and create a quick but effective real estate agent pitch..

Pro Tip: When writing your bio, we highly suggest rehearsing a 60-second version and a 5-minute version of your bio for when you are asked to talk about what you do. This will grant you confidence when speaking to others about your business, and it will ensure that you aren’t caught off guard when someone asks about your real estate career.

With the way the industry is moving, much of your business is likely on social media. If it’s not already, you need social media pages. Add these links to your bio so your clients know where to find you. Social media is the easiest way for your clients to spread the word about your business or agency, so make sure they know how to find you!

Connect to the community

The more you reference the region you’re selling in, the more comfortable your potential clients will feel entrusting you to guide them through buying a house there. Whether it’s through an anecdote or an inside joke that your whole community gets, your reader will feel connected to you already.

Sell your niche

Do you sell primarily to first-time home buyers? Maybe you specialize in beach side condos or downtown lofts. Whatever your niche, make sure it is known in your bio. Selling to your niche is a great way to showcase your personality through your bio and lock down a key demographic. It’s completely fine if you work in multiple niches, but today, many buyers/sellers are looking for an agent that focuses on their niche. Plus, when you form a clientele with similar interests or lifestyles to you, your referral game is likely to become stronger too.

Include some facts about your life outside of real estate

You don’t have to include every aspect of your day-to-day life or go into detail about your childhood dreams, but make sure your bio includes some facts about your life outside of work. Talking about your hobbies and interests will help potential clients to see you as a person they can connect with.


These are some templates you can use when getting started with your real estate bio. Feel free to use them as is or tweak them as much as you need to. Remember, the goal is to make it as personal as possible and really let your clients get to know you!

Experienced Real Estate Agent Bio Template

[YOUR NAME] has had a passion for helping clients in [NAME OF AREA/CITY] achieve [X GOALS] since [X YEAR]. [This is a good spot for a personal anecdote about how you got into real estate].

Since those humble beginnings, [YOUR NAME] has achieved [X ACHIEVEMENTS]. With [SALES STATISTICS], [YOUR NAME] has extensive knowledge of the market in [YOUR REGION]. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking for a property to flip, wanting to buy a vacation home, or looking to sell a home of your own, [YOUR NAME] would love to walk you through the entire process.

When [HE/SHE/THEY] aren’t helping people find their dream home, [YOUR NAME] can be found [INSERT HOBBIES, CLUBS, VOLUNTEER GROUPS, FAMILY INFO, ETC.]

New Real Estate Agent Bio Template

[YOUR NAME] was born and raised in [LOCATION]. After graduating from [YOUR UNIVERSITY/TRADE SCHOOL], [YOUR NAME] had [YOUR EXPERIENCE] which sparked a passion for real estate. As a [YOUR REGION] local, [YOUR NAME] is knowledgeable and passionate about [HIS/HER/THEIR] community. That, paired with [YOUR SKILLS], allows [HIM/HER/THEM] to connect with clients and meet them where they are, whatever their need.

When [HE/SHE/THEY] aren’t helping people find their dream home, [YOUR NAME] can be found [INSERT HOBBIES, CLUBS, VOLUNTEER GROUPS, FAMILY INFO, ETC.]

Real Estate Agent Examples We Love

Now that you have seen what real estate bios are all about, here are some top-notch examples of what clients love to see in your real estate bio and what we love about each one.

Ben Suarez

Ben Suarez Real Estate Agent Bio

What we love:

We love that Ben’s bio is clear about his connection and love for his community. He included some references to the area that clients will understand, and he includes facts about what he is passionate about outside of work. Not to mention, check out that professional high quality headshot!

Sharon Paxson

Sharon Paxson Real Estate Bio

What we love:

Sharon’s bio encapsulates her love for her area, her credibility as an entrepreneur, and who she is outside of work. We love that she explained how her background has prepared her for real estate success and included some facts about herself that people can connect to. The links at the top also make it super easy for someone to share her page with others. Adding some strategic bolding/underlining in her bio may have improved readability but the content is spot on as a great example.

Nicole Neuman

Nicole Neuman Real Estate Agent Bio

What we love:

We love that Nicole really honed in on her community in this bio. She gives a glimpse into her background and experience and connects that to her love for helping others find a home. Nicole also has a quality headshot shown, and she mentions specific, recognizable places that she loves in her area.

Now Go Write a Masterpiece!

We hope you’ve gained some insight and inspiration for writing your own real estate bio. In regard to your real estate website, the most important things to have include your biography, user functionality, and home search capability.

When you’ve written or updated your bio, please leave a comment below so we can take a look. If you’d like feedback, include that in your comment as well.

If you’re looking to spice up your website, check out this article on The 11 Best WordPress Themes For Real Estate Websites. Don’t have a great home search feature on your site? Connect with one of our experts to talk about how integrating IDX on your site will help you gain site traffic and thrive in your real estate business.

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