The Unique Art of Marketing Real Estate

Marketing real estate requires a completely different set of strategies than marketing in any other industry. Top agents know the strategies for marketing real estate that give them and their sellers the greatest ROI.

Did you know that 5.34 million existing homes were sold in the year 2019 in the United States? That means that 5.34 million homes were marketed, staged, and drawn up in contracts, and the numbers this year are even higher.

It’s amazing how many homes are marketed every single day through various real estate companies and agents. 

To learn more about what makes real estate marketing different, keep reading. 

This article explains the art of marketing real estate online. Real estate teams and agents have evolved their methods over the years to accommodate the vastly growing market that leads to millions of home sales. Learn what top agents know and get an insight into the coaching that I’ve walked thousands of agents through to grow their individual businesses in just a few quarters.

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How Is Real Estate Marketing Different?

Real estate companies and agents are looking to completely transform someone’s life. They’re helping someone move and change their home from one location to another. In the midst of that, real estate agents are one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of other real estate agents in the area trying to help these individuals and families. Marketing real estate is not an easy feat.

Moving is a long, often stressful process that many people don’t like to do often. Real estate agents and companies are faced with the task to find ways to make moving look more appealing and advantageous for potential buyers in the market. Even when people are actively looking to move, there are still numerous potential issues that can hold them from actually making a competitive offer and then completing the transaction.

Let’s look at how wise real estate agents and teams use this knowledge about moving to sell homes.

Marketing Real Estate Requires Social Media

Most companies are using social media these days. Not only are they using social media, much of their marketing strategy depends on social media.  This is simply because most people are exposed to advertisements through social media. Companies that aren’t using social media aren’t as successful as those that are, and this includes real estate agents and agencies.

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools in the real estate industry. However, real estate agents and companies use social media differently than you may think. 

Many real estate professionals use social media to show people their dream homes. By showing people things that they didn’t know they wanted, they’re actually forming the idea in their minds to buy a property like the home being shown. Even better, real estate agents can give virtual tours through social media and get offers from around the world.

Want to know what the top 0.5% of agents that are successful on social media know? Read our in-depth guide on real estate social media and get 100+ essential images and videos to use on your own social for free.

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Marketing Real Estate Depends on Video Marketing

Unlike other industries, real estate marketing nearly entirely depends on video marketing, especially in a world that has shifted to an ever-increasing online way to consume hours of content each day. 

In order to sell a house, real estate professionals must include video. In fact, buyers may skip those listings that do not offer a video tour.

By giving viewers a video tour, real estate marketers can help buyers get a better idea of what the property holds. It can help buyers determine whether or not they like the house before coming in for a viewing. 

This saves resources and allows both parties to move quicker through the buying and selling processes.

A great video can easily be shot on your cell phone, without the need to spend a significant budget on a marketing agency. However, if you have the budget to invest in drone photography, it will prove to be worth it for your listing photos and videos. 

Plus, adding videos can help highlight unique features about the property and the surrounding area that would otherwise be left out in the short property description included in most MLS listings.

Marketing Real Estate Relies on Past Relationships

Most people find their real estate agent through face-to-face contact or other trusted sources. In fact, 71% of people do this.

This is why real estate agents and companies need to focus on maintaining past relationships and building connections from those relationships. To do this, real estate agents have to maintain communication with these individuals through emailing lists, texting lists, social media, and other means.

Keeping these relationships strong will bring in more business later, so the investment in your time is well worth it. Referrals can make or break a real estate company.

One tip is to ask if you can sign past clients up for listing alerts and/or open house alerts for properties in their neighborhood (or building if a high-rise). Homeowners are often curious about what is happening in their area, and these alerts let them know what is happening with properties closer to their home – even if they just want to see what upgrades the house down the street has made before the open house this weekend. 

Make sure that you have a modern IDX on your website to send these listing alerts and each alert will bring past clients back to your websites. 

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Marketing Real Estate Takes Constant Availability

Real estate agents have to be constantly available. Whether it’s to take a call for a new home offer or close a deal with an existing offer, real estate agents have to be ready to take the call.

Therefore, you have to market their contact information like it’s their company’s lifeline because it is. If a real estate agent doesn’t pick up a call, you’re likely to miss an offer and that could mean missed business. 

Many real estate agents work through their personal cell phones so that they can always be ready to pick up a call. They market their company around the fact that they’re always going to take your call and be there when you need them.

Making this kind of commitment is risky (and intrusive), but it’s worth it when customers actually respond to this promise. Not that you cannot create guardrails around parts of your family time, but it may come at a cost.

Pro Tip: Using a workflow software can easily help you create these boundaries, while still investing in your client relationships. Workflow softwares allow you to automate tasks and keep track of your daily to-do’s so that you can spend more time building relationships and locking down clients.

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Marketing Real Estate Is a Local Job

Many real estate companies work within a certain city, county, or state. Some may work across borders, but it’s less common.

Because of this, real estate agents have to ensure that they’re reaching and interacting with the right audience. You can optimize your chances of reaching local customers by using local SEO.

However, there’s a twist.

You don’t only want to market to those who live in the area. You want to market to those who want to live in the area. After all, you’re trying to get people who are looking within the area and niche you focus on.

In order to reach these people, you have to be smart about using keywords to optimize your website, blog posts, and social media content. If you only talk to those who already live in town, there wouldn’t be many sales. Therefore, you have to reach out to outsiders and convince them that the town and the house you’re listing are worth the move.

For example, a real estate company may want to convince people to move to Atlanta, Georgia. They may start by raking up some of the hottest listings and sharing these on social media. Then, they could create a blog post that discusses why Atlanta, Georgia is the hottest place to live.

They could then tie these two elements together by introducing the real estate listings in the blog post and sharing the blog post ideas on their social media page. 

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How Can I Improve My Real Estate Marketing?

If you can’t tell, marketing real estate is a tough task. There are so many rules, written and unwritten, that constrain and define the world of real estate.

In order to stand out amongst the competition, you need eye-catching landing pages that will bring more customers in. With two different subscription plans, your real estate company has an option that’s meant to be.

With these marketing tips and our landing pages, you’ll be set for the best year of sales you’ve ever had.

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