13 Real Estate Keywords You Should Use in Your Property Descriptions

If you’re looking to attract more attention to your listings, you need to start adding the right real estate keyword(s) to your content. As a real estate agent, using SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial to getting the search engines to recognize your content and, in turn, increase your site traffic.

Here in America, it takes an average of 56 days to sell a home. Even in a red-hot market, it’s crucial for real estate agents to take every step possible to increase the desirability of their listings.

But, what if I told you that selling a home didn’t have to take so long?

As it turns out, using the correct real estate keyword(s) in your property descriptions can make cold leads turn to hot ones. By using keywords such as “custom” and “investment opportunity”, you’ll open your listing to an entirely new category of buyers.

What’s the Point of Keywords for Real Estate Property Listings?

A keyword is a phrase or word that is used throughout specialized content to get recognized by Google and other search engines. 

You can have an IDX integrated website and amazing listing photos, but without site content that uses the right real estate keywords for SEO, no one will be able to find it. You could be missing out on hundreds of views if you don’t take the time to do some real estate keyword research for your listings.

How SEO keywords for real estate covert to clients

Why You Need Real Estate Keyword Marketing to Improve the Results of Your Listings

While real estate marketing is significantly different from e-commerce and paid media (ads), top producing real estate agents know that there is a ton that can be learned from the billions of dollars spent optimizing CTR (click through rate) for other industries.

Successful marketers know that:

  • You’ll get more traffic on articles and pages when the meta description is written to focus on optimizing click-through rate and set good expectations to reduce bounce rate.
  • Ecommerce product descriptions that take the time to elicit emotion and connect experientially with buyers improve conversion and reduce price sensitivity.
  • Ads that align the individual ad copy with the content on a landing page improve sign-ups for events and newsletters.

I’m not talking about small improvements here either. Companies like Amazon literally spend tens of millions of dollars optimizing their product descriptions and ad copy. Why? Because it provides an incredible amount of ROI (return on investment) when considering the impact on revenues.

Real Estate Keywords help boost your SEO

While a property description cannot change the amount a potential buyer is approved for by a mortgage company, it’s proven that agents who improve their listing descriptions with keyword research see more site traffic.

Some examples of these improvements include:

  • 45% increase in the average attendance at their open houses.
  • 60% increase in the number of showings within the first two weeks properties are listed.
  • Increase to the number of multiple offer sales.

If you’re looking to sell your listings quickly, this one’s for you. You may know to put “condos for sale”, “foreclosure”, or “townhomes for sale” in your listing descriptions, but here are 13 real estate SEO keywords that you may not have thought of.

1. Custom 

Who doesn’t love a custom design? 

Whether it’s a custom kitchen or a custom staircase, buyers will spend more on custom homes. Using the keyword “custom” suggests professionalism, but it also suggests that the home is unique and distinct from others.

If there are custom features in the home, be sure to highlight these features. This is sure to catch the attention and trigger the right emotions of a serious buyer. 

2. Income-Producing 

Does the property have an income-producing feature? 

Perhaps there’s a basement that the buyers can rent to tenants. Or, maybe the property already has a tenant in place for a bedroom. Either way, you’re always going to want to highlight areas where prospective buyers can make money. 

Not only does this make the home feel more affordable, but it encourages buyers to consider a higher purchase price for the home. 

3. Brand New 

What’s better than something entirely new? 

Not only do brand new items look good, but they also function well. This is as compared to items that are used and often in need of repairs and updates. 

Are the homes for sale brand new? Or, perhaps the home simply possesses some brand new features such as new windows or a new roof. Either way, be sure to list any aspects of the home that are new or recently renovated.

4. Investment Opportunity 

Are you looking to attract investors?

If so, be sure to showcase the investment opportunity that the property presents. This will open your listing to a new category of buyers. 

For example, an old home may appeal to buyers who are looking for their next flipping opportunity. A home located near a school may appeal to an investor who is looking to purchase a student-friendly rental property. 

For those looking to grow your business, this is also a great way to attract new investor leads

5. Gourmet Kitchen 

Let’s face it, the kitchen is the heart of nearly any home. 

This is where we gather with friends and share meals with our family. As a result, the kitchen also happens to be the room in which buyers focus the majority of their attention. This is why so many real estate marketing tactics focus on showcasing the kitchen.  

In crafting your property descriptions, always be sure to highlight the key features of the kitchen. A gourmet and well-equipped kitchen is sure to appeal to the hearts of many buyers.


6. Upgrades and Upgraded

Which upgrades does the home benefit from? 

These upgrades can highlight anything from marble countertops to hardwood flooring. The point is to bring attention to the areas of the home in which the owner opted for an upgrade. 

This helps to take the home to the next level and stand out from the competition. 

Family searching for homes on agent website

7. Contemporary 

In today’s day and age, many buyers will seek properties with a contemporary flair. 

This is especially the case for young buyers that desire a home with a fresh and modern aesthetic. When we consider that millennials make up the largest share of buyers at 38%, it’s easy to see why contemporary homes are so appealing. 

Whether it’s a contemporary kitchen or a contemporary exterior, always be sure to use this keyword to highlight the modern features of the home.

8. Amenities 

Does the property have any amenities? 

Of course, amenities are most common in co-living properties such as condominiums and HOA neighborhoods. This could be anything from a gym and a meeting room to a rooftop patio and a full-service concierge. Either way, condominium buyers will often seek a building that benefits from a wide array of amenities. 

However, it’s also important to note that even single-family homes should list nearby amenities. This will make the buyer aware of nearby conveniences such as gyms, grocery stores, and even dog parks. 

9. Move-In Ready 

Can the new owners turn the key and move in? 

If so, always be sure to highlight this feature using the appropriate keyword.

Let’s face it, not every buyer has the time or money to conduct renovations. Instead, they desire a property in which they can open the door and move in.  

10. Outdoor Space 

When it comes to a future home, who isn’t looking for a taste of the outdoors? 

If your listing is a condominium, be sure to list whether or not the unit has a terrace or a patio. If these features are unavailable, you can highlight any shared outdoor spaces that residents can use. 

With a single-family home, listing the outdoor space is often more straightforward. How large is the backyard? Is there a pool or and an outside seating area that you can highlight? The goal is to make the outdoor space of the property as appealing to buyers as possible. 

11. Value 

What sort of value does the home present? 

Remember, you want to make prospective buyers feel that they are spending their money well. Is purchasing your property a wise investment for them? 

If you truly believe in the property, don’t shy away from highlighting the potential value to buyers. 

12. Spacious 

Of course, not every listing is going to be an expansive mansion. 

However, there are ways to highlight the spaciousness of the home without the need for a mansion. 

For example, you can highlight the kitchen that opens up into a spacious living room. Even a small home can benefit from spacious aspects. 

With so many buyers favoring an open floor plan, a keyword such as spacious is sure to appeal to this desire. 

13. Luxurious 

What are the most luxurious features of the home? 

Again, the property doesn’t have to be a masterpiece to benefit from a taste of luxury. It’s your job to choose the elements of the home that are luxurious and give them the attention they deserve. 

In the world of real estate, any aspect of the home can be made luxurious. This could be anything from a luxurious master bathroom to a luxurious outdoor patio. 

Clients searching for their dream home online

How to Use Real Estate Keywords 

When it comes to your property descriptions, it’s all about using the correct real estate keyword(s) and integrating them naturally into your listing descriptions and picture captions.

A great property description has the power to attract greater and more qualified buyers and make you stand out among the competition. With these keywords, your listing is going to attract more leads. You’ll be happy with the increased traffic to your site, and your sellers are going to be happy with the results.

If you’re looking to take your listing game to the next level, it’s time to perfect your property descriptions. Take our advice from above and watch your business grow! Are you looking for more support with your real estate listings? If so, be sure to view our products page to see how we can help elevate your business.

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