Best Practices for Agents: How to get the most out of your Friends & Family Search on your website

The Friends & Family Search that comes with Showcase IDX is one of the best ways to generate more leads and retain more visitors, after building out hotsheets

The Friends & Family Search allows visitors and clients to create a private collaborative search with their friends and family. No one searches for a home alone. Clients send homes and comments about properties to each other on text messages and in emails. With Friends & Family Search, they are able to do all of that on your website. 

If you’re not familiar with Friends & Family, here is a short video that we’ve created for you to help your clients understand the power of this feature on your website.

  • “It makes my site more ‘sticky’. My bounce rate is down 20%, time spent on my site has doubled.”
  • I am getting 4x more registrations on my site. This happens when a visitor saves a search and invites a spouse/partner, a trusted friend, etc to their search.
  • “Better understand my buyers’ needs with analysis and insights of their preferences and rankings.”

  1. Tell your clients about the Friends & Family collaboration search on your website. 
  2. Send a follow-up message. If you use a CRM or email system that sends a message to a new registration on your website, include a link to the overview video and a short description about the advantages to them. We’ve included a script you can use below.
  3. Add a page about your Friends & Family search on your site. This could also be a section on your home page. Feel free to embed the Vimeo video we linked above on your site. It was created to allow you to easily do this. 

Sample email script to send after registration

I saw that you signed up to save properties and home searches on my website. That’s great and I wanted to thank you for registering.

Make sure to take advantage of the Friends & Family Search.

Too many people miss their perfect home because they’re juggling emails, texts, and voicemails about multiple properties with their friends and family. To make sure you find your next home, you can invite anyone you want to your private search on the site to share properties and comments.

Here is a short video about how friends & family search helps you ==>

When you’re up for it, let’s meet for 15 – 20 minutes so I can show you what it will take to buy a home in today’s market and exactly what I can do to assist you.

 Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

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