Ignoring WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates

Lesson 9 Module 2

Themes, plugins, and WordPress are all updated periodically for bug fixes, to add new functionality, and to correct security vulnerabilities.

All software has some vulnerabilities but they are generally minimal and many times the internal team will find them before anyone on the outside does. Many of the updates from Apple, Microsoft, Android devices, and individual applications we use on our laptops and phones are to fix a combination of bug fixes and security weaknesses. Your WordPress site is no different.

The fix:

Make sure to keep your plugins, themes, and WordPress core up to date. Login to your WordPress admin. On your dashboard, next to “Updates” and “Plugins” there will be a number that appears if any of your plugins or WordPress core needs to be updated.


Delete any unused and unneeded themes. There’s no reason to get notifications and feel you need to update files if your site does not need them, so remove them to reduce stress.

If you do not login to your WordPress site very often (e.g. Our IDX and home search tools capture your leads and export automatically to a dedicated real estate CRM), add a recurring event on your calendar to login and look for updates every 2 – 4 weeks.

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