Map Search


Location is everything, and there's no better way to see listings than on a map, but not every map is created equal. Our maps show the first 100 results as markers with prices — with additional summary detail when the user hovers over them. The next 100 results (depending on results sorting) are shown as small dots. These can also be hovered over and are clickable to take users to the listing page.

Polygon Filtering

If you're creating a hotsheet and want to get very specific in your map search, just add one or more polygons to the map.

Multiple Polygons

You can add more than one polygon on the map if you are searching in a very particular area that requires it.

Editable Polygons

Want to make a change to your polygons? Now you can do so without having to delete and start over.

Map Bounds Filter

This allows you to use the current view of the map as a search filter, without drawing polygons.

Freehand Draw

Use your finger on a phone or tablet, or your mouse on a desktop computer to draw search polygons on the map.

Satellite View

Standard maps don't always show the most detail about the neighborhood you're searching. Switch to satellite view to see exactly what's in the area.