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At Showcase IDX, we take search engine optimization very seriously. We have spent years working on a system that works with the latest search engine indexing algorithms (like Google’s Penguin and Panda) to give your whole website more relevancy and authority. We do this by giving you flexible tools that you can use to manage your website’s key SEO factors. Our combination of personalized control and optimized architecture means that you will have a leg up on your online competition with Showcase IDX.

Flexible control

Showcase IDX’s SEO tools have been designed to give you full control over how the key factors of your site appears to search engines. You can create completely custom templates for your URLs, Keywords, Page Titles and Meta Descriptions that include dynamic live data from every listing. We’ve given you the ability to completely own this process, with an unprecedented level of personalization.

Our search engine optimization innovations have made it easy for you to set up and manage your search engine optimization strategy. We’ve also made sure that it works with, and not against, with other SEO plugins on your website, like Yoast.

Indexable hotsheets

One of the most successful pages most people have on their websites are neighborhood pages that use hotsheets to provide complementary listing information to consumers. These pages already work great for SEO. We have made them even better by embedding optimized results directly onto the page, so search engines will see your high quality content, alongside dynamic, constantly updating, listing content. 

Build relevancy

For years, a key SEO strategy for real estate was to get as many listings indexed as possible and hope for the best. The latest updates to the Google search and indexing algorithms have turned this on its head, and it makes sense. Google is looking for relevant and authoritative content to provide as organic results to its users. If you have a site about one market, but have listings indexed from 50 or 100 miles away, these reduce your authority as they simply aren’t seen as relevant. Our SEO Service Area tool gives you the ability to tell the search engines exactly which areas you want to have them index and everything outside of this area is ignored by the search engines.

Effective sitemaps

Showcase IDX has built-in listing sitemaps that are optimized for manual site crawling by search engines and secondary automated XML sitemaps that can be submitted directly to search engines through their webmaster tools. This dual approach means that your listing pages are getting the highest level of exposure to search engines. Our human readable site maps are structured to provide search engines with a clear website hierarchy and taxonomy, that provides search engines and humans who use it to find listings right down to the neighborhood level.

How we do it

Showcase IDX is at its heart a javascript plugin for your WordPress website, which gives us a lot of advantages when it comes to speed and a lot of the dynamic functionality we provide. This being said, SEO has been historically tricky with javascript IDX’s.  Whilst far better than iframe solutions, javascript alone has it’s limitations. So without getting overly technical (give us a call if you want a full technical explanation!), we create “noscript” versions of every javascript listings page, which has a canonical URL that will, if the user has javascript enabled on their browser, load the additional javascript functionality. If not, it will load the SEO-optimized “noscript” version of the page. We have worked with SEO consultants and experts from inside and outside of the real estate industry using best practices to build a system that provides you with the benefits of a javascript plugin without sacrificing search engine compatibility.


Whether someone is looking at your site on a large desktop screen, or a smartphone, they will have a great experience with your site and your brand.


WordPress users get benefits like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), direct links to listing pages and indexable pages. No WordPress? We can still help you!


Create custom landing pages or embed indexable idx search results in your pages. We’ve made it really easy to create and manage your hotsheets.


The Showcase IDX WordPress plugin automatically creates indexable pages and sitemaps on your site so search engines can easily find and index your website and listings.

IDX SEO Optimization Checklist

Does your IDX have these advanced SEO features? Have more questions about our SEO? Give us a call at 1-800-478-0181 or contact us.

  • Customizable Listing Page Permalink Structure 100%
  • Customizable Listing Page Titles 100%
  • Create Dynamic Listing Page Descriptions 100%
  • Customize Listing Page Keywords 100%
  • Personalized SEO Service Areas 100%
  • Canonical URLs 100%
  • Fully Indexable Listing Detail Pages 100%
  • Fully Indexable Hotsheet Results 100%
  • Optimized HTML Site Maps 100%
  • XML Site Maps 100%
  • No iFrames 100%