What Are the Best Hashtags for Real Estate? (Including 87 Real Estate Hashtags You Can Copy/Paste!)

This article will give you some top real estate hashtags to use on your social channels and show you tips on how to use them effectively. 

It’s no secret that your real estate business needs to be on social media. However, it’s not just about having an account. You have to know how to get your name out there, and one of the best ways to do that is through hashtags.

Optimizing your hashtag usage is an art form. We can just give you a list (and we will below), but in order for them to work the way they are supposed to, you’ll have to know how to appeal to your city and your market. Not only that, but each social platform uses hashtags in a different way. 

We know, this sounds like a lot. For such a tiny symbol, the hashtag yields some incredible SEO power

“I’ve seen agents 10x their real estate business and scale leads even faster when they learn how to effectively use real estate hashtags”

Kurt Uhlir – Showcase idx

By the end of this article you will be hashtagging your real estate channels like a pro.

Sample real estate hashtag google search

What are real estate hashtags?

Hashtags are extra words and phrases that you can add to captions on your social media posts. They start with the pound symbol (#) and are followed by a relevant phrase or term that relates to your post or industry. 

The purpose of hashtags is multi-faceted. Hashtags allow you to give posts extra context or descriptors, while also reaching a wider audience. Users on social media can search for specific hashtags they are interested in and even subscribe to them on platforms like Instagram. Your potential home buyers can also click on a hashtag they see and find similar posts.

How are real estate hashtags used?

In real estate, hashtags can be used to target your posts to a specific audience. Are you posting a new listing in Atlanta? You can use the hashtags “#AtlantaRealEstate”, “AtlantaRealtor”, and “#atlantahomesforsale” to get more eyes on your post. 

Remember, large volume keywords are not always better to target for. Discovering what hashtags to use takes some testing on your part. For instance, check out the Instagram hashtag numbers below. Notice how the order of local descriptors matter when choosing your hashtags.

While one hashtag may get more traffic, that means it may also have more competition. Do some trial runs with different hashtags to see which ones get seen most frequently.

The other great thing about hashtags is that they allow you to find other agents in your area, scope out the competition, and find other useful hashtags to add to your own posts. You can discover what real estate hashtags people are looking for in your area and adjust the ones you use to appeal to the right audience. 

Some Top Real Estate Hashtag #Tips

You can always just copy and paste the hashtags you find at the end of this article (there are plenty), but when it comes to effective hashtagging, the more personalized to your area and niche the better. Think “target audience” and how they’d be searching hashtags. 

Here are some pro-tips for hashtagging in a way that gets your posts extra impressions and views.

1. Use the Proper Amount of Hashtags

You may think that in order to get your posts seen, you should cram as many hashtags into your posts as possible. Don’t go this route! Social media sites can tell when someone uses hashtags to improve their post and when someone is just spamming the site. 

To avoid your post getting ignored, flagged, or even removed, use hashtags sparingly and make sure each one is actually related to the post. Check down below for specific hashtag etiquette for each social platform. 

2. Save Your Frequently Used Hashtags to Copy/Paste Into Your Posts

Figuring out what real estate hashtags work best for you can take some trial and error. However, once you figure out the ones that work best for your posts and your market, copy them down on a separate document (or in notes on your phone) so you can just copy and paste them to your social media posts when needed. 

Better yet, you may find it worthwhile to create groups of hashtags for specific types of posts. Every time you post about a new listing or share a celebratory post about a client closing on their new home, just copy and paste the hashtags from that group. It saves time and your wrists will thank you for it. 

We’ve included a link at the end of this article with some example copy/past hashtags to get you started!

Hashtag Group Ideas: New Listings, Real Estate Humor, Closings, Open House, Events.

3. Use Hashtags That Appeal to Your Local Area

While there are several great real estate hashtags that will reach a general audience, there’s little point in hashtagging at all if you aren’t reaching your local audience. 

Your goal as a real estate expert is to sell more houses. The only way your social media can help you do this is if they reach people who live in or want to live in your market. To make your posts visible in less competitive spaces, create your own local hashtags. For example, if your market is in Savannah, Georgia, use hashtags such as #SavannahRealEstate or #SavannahApartments. 

Is there such a thing as too local? In short, yes. This depends entirely on the area you are selling in. In larger cities such as Manhattan, people will recognize hashtags down to the street name. On the flip side, in more suburban areas, it may be smarter to focus on the larger area and/or neighborhoods you know locals will recognize and respond to. 

You are the hyper-local expert, so it’s wisest to use your best judgement when it comes to your own real estate hashtags.

4. Use Hashtags to Scope Out the Competition

One of the biggest benefits of bringing your business to social media is how easy it is to see what your competitors are up to. While we have some good general suggestions for effective hashtags, many will spring up overnight and gain a lot of traction. If you aren’t careful, social media opportunities can pass you by in a flash.

Make a point to check on your competitors’ posts to see what hashtags they’re using and what kind of content is getting the most engagement. Social media is ever-evolving, so carve out time in your daily work routine to look through relevant posts on social media and see what’s getting noticed. (5-10 minutes every morning while you drink your coffee is a simple and effective method to do this). 

This is also great for you to identify the type of content that resonates well with the audience for each keyword. See what works well and adapt for your style and real estate niche.

5. Be Creative with Your Hashtags

When using hashtags, especially on Twitter, try and get creative with a few. Hashtags don’t have to be all researched and by-the-book. Remember, your audience is seeing all those hashtags, so have fun with them and use some of them to show off your personality. 

Holidays, major events, and current trends are a great way to sprinkle these fun hashtags in as well. Check out this article with some great real estate memes to get your creative juices flowing.

Your Hashtag Cheat Sheet

Studies have clearly shown that there is a right and wrong way to use hashtags on social media. For example, tweets that have 1-2 hashtags can get up to 21% increase in engagement, while tweets that have any more than 2 hashtags experience a 17% drop in engagement. 

Check out this cheat sheet to see how to optimize your hashtags for the most engagement on your social posts:

Real estate social media hashtag cheat sheet infographic

87 Real Estate Hashtag Ideas (No Sign Up Required!)

Feel free to copy and paste a few or all of the following hashtags to optimize your social posts for your audience. We highly recommend creating your own groups of hashtags to pull from that appeals to the specific types of things you post.

See the hashtags here! Feel free to save or bookmark this page.

Now You’re the #Expert

We hope we have prepared you well for your upcoming hashtag endeavors. Let us know in the comments what some of your favorite real estate hashtags are! 

If you’re looking for more tips on optimizing social media for your real estate business, check out this article on Real Estate Social Media (which includes 100+ downloadable graphics). 

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