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All positions are fully-remote. Work from anywhere.

38,265,359 Minutes

Amount of Time Consumers Spent Searching On Our Customers' Sites in the last year

That’s like watching Avengers Endgame 210,249 times.


Our average customer satisfaction score!

Makes us smile too.

Incredible Benefits, Incredible Company!

  • Working for a company and leadership team focused on providing a “Best Place to Work” environment.
  • 100% employer-paid Short-term and Long-term Disability Insurance.
  • 100% employer-paid Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance.
  • Employer-paid Life Insurance.
    • Non-accident Benefit: One times your annual salary - in the event of your death, paid to your beneficiaries.
    • Accident Benefit: Two times your annual salary - in the event of your accidental death, paid to your beneficiaries.
  • 401K with dollar for dollar with 4% employer match. Fully vested (no vesting period). Roth 401k and Traditional 401k available options.
  • With other benefits—like medical, dental, and vision—you will share the cost with the company. Showcase IDX currently pays a large portion of the monthly premium for both employees and their dependents.
  • Use our virtual campus environment to work from anywhere.
  • A culture that emphasizes personal and professional growth. You will grow more here than you would anywhere else, that is a promise.
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38,265,359 Minutes

Amount of Time Consumers Spent Searching On Our Customers' Sites in the last year

That’s like watching Avengers Endgame 210,249 times.


Our average customer satisfaction score!

Makes us smile too.

Our Culture

Put Customers First

We win by staying close to our customers and adding value to their daily lives. We ask "how will this affect them" in every decision.

Team Over Self

We're committed to each other. We’re always collaborative, but put the interests of the team above our personal agendas.

Glass Half Full

We work to understand the reality of the situation, then we make the decision to focus on the opportunities.

Bias Towards Action

We’re motivated. We go out of our way to figure things out and present solutions, rather than problems.

Healthy Conflict

We strive to bring up any difficult topics early and have a conversation. We're all growing and working on the mission.

Strong Opinions Held Loosely

We believe in bringing potential solutions to the table. A strong team knows when to change its opinion when presented with new data.

Perfect is the Enemy of Done

AKA get stuff done. Creating tsunami of innovation comes from speed and iterating on the previous version.

Build a Legacy

We're here to build something that we can be proud of; something that will change the way the real estate works and will stand the test of time.

Improving Lives

We know customers and employees are better for having worked with us.

Smile and Laugh

This is hard work. A little irreverence goes a long way to lightening the load.

Frugal Not Cheap

Cheap is penny wise but pound foolish. We want to avoid that mindset at all costs. We invest in great people and great tech to scale outcomes.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

We optimize for a sustainable work pace and momentum. We sprint/crunch when the situation requires it, but we don't do that all the time.

Outcomes Over Activity

Results not tasks. We measure ourselves by the outcomes we create, not by the amount of work that goes into them.

Nothing is Immutable

We don't do things just because “that’s the way we’ve (or the industry has) always done it”.

Win Together; Learn Together

We have shared goals - we drive toward success and celebrate our wins togethers. When there's a hiccup, we all pitch in if something is off-track.

Hero Helpers

Most people want to be superheroes. We strive to be the sidekicks that help them - both our clients and our teammates.

Our Core Values

Here at Showcase IDX, we believe there is a better way to build a company. A more valuable, less invasive way. Better technology is responsive to customers' ultimate needs, builds a community, and earns brand loyalty. It creates an environment that improves the entire real estate industry - an environment where customers feel earned rather than bought - an environment where employees feel like family. This starts with the core values we live at the office every day.


We are honest with our ourselves, business partners, and customers. Always. No exceptions. We will represent ourselves and our intentions openly, sharing as much of the truth as we can without sacrificing our other values.


Our business is all about helping people reach their goals through building relationships. We treat others the way we wish to be treated: with respect for their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. We will work hard to ensure our community lives this value as well.


We believe in doing what's right and attempting what others say is impossible, even if no one is looking. We’re expected to evaluate what the right thing is and to do that thing, even when no one is looking or specific instructions haven’t been given.


We take responsibility for our individual roles and actions. We believe in sharing our successes and our failures openly, to learn from them. Blame does not live here, only a positive and constructive approach as we strive to improve individually and as a community.


We understand what we're here to do and make decisions with purpose to achieve our goals. We choose to build our products and company in a way that critically examines best practices, often paving our own better path forward.


We strive to make the work of real estate more enjoyable and not take ourselves too seriously. We're dedicated to creating and maintaining a friendly, relaxed work environment, and make every effort to bring positivity to our customers and community.

Constant Innovation

We believe in hiring the very best people we possibly can, and then doing our best to help them be even better. We believe in listening to our customers and leveraging new process and cutting edge technology to provide opportunities for improvement.

Servant Leadership

We believe that we are stewards of the skills, talents, and resources we've been given. Our goal is to unselfishly give our talents and abilities to assist and benefit others, in a way that allows us to help over the long-term.

Leadership Team


Scott Lockhart

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur known for building innovative companies and considered one of the top real estate privacy experts in the world. Previous CTO of RE/MAX Greater Atlanta, with over $4.5b in yearly sales. He has consulted with national brands in the retail, real estate and mortgage industries. Including Lowes Home Improvement, Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Wachovia Bank and some of the top 20 residential real estate brokerages.

Alan Pinstein

Alan Pinstein

Chief Operating Officer

Alan leads the product strategy. His first computer programs were on the Sinclair 16k, Apple II, and TRS-80. Not to date him, but he may or may not have gotten in trouble in 2nd grade for making the class TRS-80 shout at the teacher. He previously founded Tourbuzz, the leading real estate photographer software solution provider in North America, which was acquired by Urbanimmersive in 2018. He's also a husband, father of two, and a rock climber.

Kurt Uhlir

Kurt Uhlir

Chief Marketing Officer

Entrepreneurial marketing leader that's built and run organizations from start-up to over $500M annual revenue and have impacted 100s of millions of lives. He brings a unique combination of storytelling and innovation to the team, having led marketing for many brands. Kurt's a regular conference speaker and workshop leader around modern marketing tactics that actually drive sales. In addition, he has been asked to coach and advise thousands of leaders, from startup founders to the President of the United States.

Scott Davis

Scott Davis

VP Director of Engineering

Experienced technology professional that helped scale two startups into acquisitions by public companies in the past 5 years. Scott leads engineering teams at Showcase IDX. Scott joined the company in 2018, transforming the product that allowed the company to not only compete against competitors 10x its side but to win. His efforts were recognized by the Real Estate Standards Organization in their 2019 case study on WebAPI.

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, Entirely Remote. Work Anywhere.

Showcase IDX has taken collaboration to the next level through its one-of-a-kind virtual office environment powered by VirBELA. Say goodbye to office commutes and hello to instant “face-to-face” communication.

In our "office", everyone can collaborate and interact no matter where they might be located.



Virtual Offices and Work from AnywhereShowcase-IDX-office-example

Let's help millions of people!

Showcase IDX is a leader in home search, consumer engagement, and lead generation for real estate agents and teams. In August 2020, we were acquired by eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI) and will continue to operate as an independent company

This is a rare opportunity to join our team at the beginning of a new mission, as we look to redefine how people find and buy homes on a national and eventually international scale. We are rethinking today's generic home search experience and creating a set of next-generation tools that will help millions of people around the world find and buy their next home. To achieve these ambitious goals, we'll be keeping things simple and transparent in the product design, code, and team. We believe that simple can be hard, but simple is worth the effort. 

It's important to us that work is as enjoyable and drama-free as possible. Not every day will be sunshine and rainbows, but we've got each other's backs, and come together to help each other when we're unsure, stuck, or facing adversity. We like making well-reasoned decisions and making them quickly. We don't particularly like too many meetings, but we love working together to figure things out. We're laid back with each other, don't take ourselves too seriously, and laugh (probably more than we should), but we ship awesome, well-documented, and tested code, often.

Our team is made up of experienced, talented people who see opportunities where others may not. We understand that innovation comes from experience, experimentation, iteration, taking smart risks, and rejecting the idea that the status quo is the only or best way to solve a problem. You'll be challenged by big ideas, and have the opportunity to influence a product that truly impacts one of the biggest decisions in people's lives in very real ways. 

We believe that delivering value outweighs how many hours you work or where you work. In our eyes, the best performance and outcomes come from focusing on our personal and team growth and development. We provide a flexible work schedule, generous vacation, a relaxed work environment, and opportunities for professional growth and development. You'll never be asked to come into an office.

Who's winning with Showcase IDX?