Combining hard and soft locks

Lesson 14 Module 3

There are no clear winners for whether no registration locks, soft registration prompts, or hard registration locks drive more success.

For Premium users, the hard lock on Premium Content do appear to outperform from a pure lead generation perspective, once a website/agent has a strong hyperlocal brand established in their community.

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Tip: Setting up a new website today or updating an existing site with little to moderate content? I would suggest starting with no locks or soft registration prompts until you have regular traffic, if your on Essentials. If you’re a Premium customer, start with the Premium Content lock. Focus on adding local content and refining the niche that you work with.

Niches lead to riches. Your efforts will best be spent invested in refining your message to your niche. You’ll know when you “get it” when your referral clients and new sign-ups repeat back your specific niche to you as to why they selected you.

After you’ve found success from a traffic and conversation perspective in your niche, begin to test hard locks and monitor your analytics to see how your visitors respond.