Map style for home search

Lesson 16 Module 3

Choosing different map styles can be a great way to customize the look and feel of your real estate websites. It’s also one of the most underutilized features we see used.

Showcase IDX offers nine different map styles for Premium users. These home search map styles change the colors and fonts of all maps displayed on your website (e.g. regional maps, listing page, hotsheets, open houses, etc.)

Only 4 of the 12 sites with access to this feature have chosen a map style different than the default.

However, 2 of the 3 most successful sites in terms of the total number of leads generated are using a Premium map style.

Tip: Test the feel of your site using “Light Grey”, “ Light and Bright”, “High End”, or “Outdoors”. If you want a stark contrast to other sites, we’ve seen success with “Elegant” as a style.